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Abardeen 2016 brand strategy conference9


Since 2013, with the rapidly development of the wearable devices, sports bracelet, sports watch and fashion smart watch have attracted much attention by social medias, As the Apple Watch come to market, it deepening consumer's perception of wearable devices.But children smart watch industry competition is intense, many entrepreneurs and traditional enterprise transformation jumping into, in these enterprises, it may be said "Only one person succeeds at the expense of millions of people", finally, only few emerging brand has left.


Famous children's wear equipment brand, Abardeen, held the conference of 2016 brand strategy in the marriott hotel in shenzhen on November 4th, 2016. It has been the focus of shenzhen hardware circle, its rapid development also is industry miracle. The event attracted numerous industry elites, including investment institutions, securities companies, core chip, supply chain, cooperation media, etc.The chairman Mr Qing-long liu as a C printf (Abardeen), sketched the past and the future of Abardeen, and made a summary to the children's intelligence hardware market since 2013. Furthermore, he elaborated many of the future direction and also remind entrepreneurs that the experience of others can only tell you how to avoid the mistakes, but cannot tell you what is right, so, don't be affected by the outside world, insist on yourself so that you can take the chance.


Abardeen is a brand owned by Shenzhen Continental Wireless Co., Ltd, it started running in 2014, after more than a year development, Abardeen rapid growth as the famous children's wear brand, in 2015 it became the top 3 children's wear brand in China. Its growth experience gives us something new to think about, especially for the entrepreneurs. Chairman Mr Liu already gave us the answers why Abardeen growing so fast. Abardeen equipped the whole industry chain integrated capability from idea to the sales. From the perspective of product, having the whole line design capability contains the product ideas, appearance design, industrial design, hardware, embedded software, App development, server operation development, and hardware integration. From the perspective of brand, with the all round teams including product production, product promotion, online and offline sales and after-sales service, etc. Making Abardeen extraordinary performance in innovation, quick response to user requirements, flexibility to industry changes, which led to its rapid growth.


Abardeen adhere to provide intelligent gps watch and services to the kids of 4-16, to the idea of "company" as the brand concept. It has launched from 1 to 4 generation smart watch, setting the basis standard to this industry. On the scene Mr Liu interpreted the iteration of products since its inception, which shows Abardeen team’s unique innovation and technical strength. One of our smart watch KT04 also synchronized to offline channels, it has sophisticated technology and material configuration. Furthermore, it also collocated with beidou and GPS double star positioning, which can achieve waterproof with such a drop-dead gorgeous looking.


At the meeting, Mr Liu has sharing about Abardeen’s future of the industry development direction, from hardware to the internet of things, from App to the media, from server to the operation. At the end of the conference, it expounds the current industry competition and the huge market opportunity, for segmentation of children intelligence hardware this cake has determined the confidence. The market is still growing very fast, if the children smart gps watch market is a cake, Abardeen can absolutely get a considerable slice of it by its innovation spirit.


Under the tide of the current Internet of things and intelligent wearable device, Abardeen equipped with innovative thinking, strength of project landing and long-term strategy, which should be as a model of domestic entrepreneurs.Hardware enterprise is bound to transformation, Shenzhen has been slowly in farewell to shoddy goods, Abardeen is a typical representative, we are looking forward Abardeen to create more surprise and give us more excellent products and experiences.

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